Forbrite AZ-730 2X



Forbrite AZ-730 2X is an ammonium chloride zinc plating process. It has an extraordinarily wide, bright plating range 

and can be used in either barrel or rack plating operations. The deposit is ductile, uniform and exhibits clean brilliance.

      Ⅰ. Advantages:

            1.  Less corrosion to equipments and simple treatment of effluents.

            2.  Excellent brightness and throwing power.

            3.  Good corrosion resistance.

            4.  High current efficiency and low temperature increasing.

      Ⅱ. Bath compositions and operating conditions :

         Composition High Cyanide Medium Cyanide Low Cyanide
   Ammonium chloride (g/l)        200g/l          200 g/l    180-220 g/l
           Zinc chloride (g/l)         53 g/l            75 g/l


Rack: 65-85g/l

               AZ-720 2X       0.65 cc/l         0.5-1 cc/l    0.5-1.0cc/l
               AZ-730 2X          15 cc/l             15 cc/l     12-18 cc/l 
                    PH                                     5.6- 6.3
               Temperature                                     25-30
                 Voltage                  Barrel: 4- 10V             Rack: 2-5V
                Agitation Air agitation required in rack operation
            Current density                  Barrel: 0.1- 0.8A/dm2   Rack: 2-6A/dm2