Forbrite CZ-725 conc.


               Forbrite CZ-725 conc. is an ultra high performance additive for cyanide zinc plating baths.

   The use of Forbrite CZ-725 conc. results in more brighteness in low current density areas.

           Furthermore, deposits are ductile and very receptive to any type of post-plate treatment.

. Characteristics

    1.   Excellent brightness in low current density areas allowing trouble free plating of irregular shape.

    2.   Deposits are very receptive to any type of post-plate treatment.

    3.   Tolerant to high operating temperature.

    4.   More tolerant to high carbonate concentrations than competitive.

         .  Bath Composition

           Composition                                       Range

High Cyanide

  Mixium Cyanide

Low Cyanide

Zinc Metal (g/l) 30-40 15-25 6-12
Sodim Cyanide(g/l)


30-67 6-24
M Ratio (NaCN/Zn) 2.5-3.5:1 2.0-2.7:1 1-2:1
Sodim Hydroxide (g/l) 65-85 65-85 65-85
Forbrite CZ-725 conc. (cc/l) 2.0-4.0 2.0-4.0 2.0-4.0

     Ⅲ. Operating Conditions:

                   Item                  Barrel                   Rack
Cathode Current Densit(A/dm) 0.5-1.0 2. 0-4.0
Voltage (volts) 10-15 2.0-5.0
Temperature -45 -30

     Ⅳ. Consumption 

                                       Forbrite CZ-725 conc.     100-200 ml/1000AH