Forbrite Gold Stripper 200


            Ⅰ. General Description

                              Forbrite Gold Stripper 200 is a powder form high speed immersion stripper capable of

                removing gold and gold alloys from all basis metals. At room temperature, Forbrite Gold Stripper 200

               solution has negligible attack on iron, nickel and alloys of these metals. For copper and copper alloys,

               strict control is necessary to minimize attack.

           Ⅱ. Solution make up and operating conditions

 Conditions      /  Basis metals Copper/Copper Alloys Other basis metals
Forbrite Gold Stripper 200              7.5 g/l          7.5 g/l
KCN (NaCN)        10.0 g/l(7.5 g/l)    20.0 g/l(15.0 g/l)
Temperature             20+ 5         20+ 5

           Ⅲ. Replenishment and maintenance

                1. For copper and its alloys:

                           Analyse and maintain the potassium cyanide at 10g/l (or 7.5g/l sodium cyanide).

                           Replenish the Forbrite Gold Stripper 200 to maintain the Forbrite Gold Stripper 200

                    to cyanide ratio used in the new bath.

               2. For nickel, iron and their alloys:

                           When the stripping rate deteriorates, add 3-8g Forbrite Gold stripper 200 and 10-20g/l

                    potassium cyanide (or 7.5-15g/l sodium cyanide).

             Ⅳ. Stripping rate:

                           With good mechanical agitation, a new solution will remove 1.2-3.0 micron per minute when

                   the potassium cyanide content is 20g/l and 0.6-1.0 micron per minute when the potassium cyanide

                   content is 10g/l.

          Ⅴ. Packing:

                              1kg net in plastic cans.