Forbrite Chrome Plating Process


                   Forbrite chrome plating process was designed as a low concentration and ligh throw bath.

                   It provides a very wide bright plate range.

              Ⅰ. Advantages:

                         1. High current efficiency, 25% is attainable, low energy consumption.

                         2. Wide bright plate range.

                         3. Excellent covering power.

                         4. Addition of sulfuric acid is not required.

             Ⅱ. Bath compositions and operating conditions :

     Composition          Range        Optimum
       Chromic acid      190-210 g/l          200 g/l
           Cr-A 5X            1- 2 ml/l           1.6 ml/l
           Cr-B 5X        2.4-3.6 ml/l           3.0 ml/l
        Temperature          30-50           40
      Current density         5-12 A/dm2           10 A/dm2

            . Maintenance :

                        For each kilogram new addition of chromic acid, 3ml/l of Cr-B 5X should be added.

                        In case of spots, yellow or gvey deposits, 0.4ml/l of Cr-A 5X should be added.